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How "Show It" works?

Its quite simple,

  • Accordion Icon Design your screen,

    • set Background color for the screen.
    • set Text color your greeting text
    • set Blinking speed for screen animation.
  • Accordion Icon Compose your Message...

    • Select Font for your message, like Flowers, Icomooon, Material etc.
    • You can also add custom fonts(.otf or .ttf) from your storage by "Import Font" screen.

    • Enter your greeting text.
  • Accordion Icon Show It to the world!!!

    • Once your message got composed, you can Show It by click on "Okay" icon.

    • You can save your data in application by click on "Save" icon. It will create a shortcut on your home screen if you enabled in your settings

    • You can also share your signals to others via social networks like facebook, twitter etc..

Amazing features...

Are you boring from manual typing..... Here are some amazing features

  • It will acts as PersonalAssistant by shows your voice command on your mobile
  • There was no words to express yourself ? Cooool.... Use "Paint" menu to draw your art and Show It
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What our awesome users say

Show it......Its different.. Try it ...then u love it... Its time saving and more useful app...simple and the most attractive way to express ur thoughts without waste ur time in conversation with others.
Its really amazing... and an invaluable gift for the deaf and dumb peoples who are all surviving in the society. They can express their emotions by showing it to other...
A cooool app for pedestrians... It will be very useful in so many ways.. like crossing roads etc., Traffic signal shortcuts and police mode are superb.  It may not be a social app but its a social service app.

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